Phyllis Harrison-Ross, MD  

Care Philosophy

Dr. Harrison-Ross was trained to do psychoanalytically oriented, psychotherapy, i.e. talk-therapy to help patients understand more fully the decisions that they make in life, as well as in psychopharmacology i.e. medication treatments.

She has studied the various other therapies described in the webpage section on Specialties.

Patients are seen on a regular, ongoing basis, usually once or twice a week. Consultations with collaterals are done when indicated. Collaterals are usually family members, teachers, spiritual advisors, primary care physicians, lawyers, probation officers, etc. When indicated, home or school visits are done.
Dr. Harrison-Ross works conjointly with other mental health professionals. Joint sessions with other therapists and spiritual advisors are also available.

Telepsychiatry is used in selected clinical situations after face-to-face consultations, if possible. The Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross Associates are also available through videoconferencing.

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